Pseudobombax, our Fall Winter Collection 2022 is the latest progression in our journey towards self expansion. The monomyth, also known as  a hero's journey, is widely used to frame human quests across mythology. Perplexed by reality, heroes are prompted to venture forth into the unknown seeking deep transformation. Permeated with self doubt these journeys lead to the transformation of oneself from within. Such a craved outcome is only achieved through the willingness to undergo radical change, a metamorphosis. 

Always vigilant of natural transformations, and astonished by such phenomena, Sandra has framed the transformation from dormant seeds to explosive blooms represented through the magnificent Pseudobombax ellipticum tree as an epic one, mainly inspired by the unique explosive anatomy of its deep pink flower.  

The raw latency and impeccable roundness of seeds is broken as their nucleus sparks out of inactivity. Life is formed through subtle, but perfect, biorhythms. Stems struggle to surge and support flourishment, a femenine outburst that will allow for propagation. Such an outcome can only be truly seen through the fluorescence of light, almost supernatural.   

Sandra Weil´s Fall Winter 2022 Collection concedes the enjoyment of witnessing a progression from color-constrain through subtle gray, mahogany, and clay shades into the explosion of the invigorating bombax pink and iridescent tones. 

Sandra re-constructs the tools needed by the ever-versatile woman that can effortlessly shift from day to night. Through layers carefully assembled by taffetas, up-cycled denim, silk, velvet and knitwear. The most purposeful layering element is hand-woven peruvian alpaca, conceptualized through an array of textures and minted with embroidery manifested on tight knitted pieces  and through oversized fits emerging into chicness. 

Carefully constructed wide-legged pants and casual denim can be worn with over-sized sleeves, soft knitwear, iridescent tops or embroidered bustiers. Wrap skirts are complemented by v-neck pleated tops, the latest translation of our iconic bustier. Pantsuits mix draping, oversized jackets, and relaxed pants, to offer sophisticated pieces for the urban woman. Maxi dresses are the collection´s silver-lining to commemorate special occasions.

The feminine silhouette prevails as part of the brand's DNA. This Collection works the transition from raw materials, such as denim and wool, to iridescent taffetas and shiny satins that evoke a metamorphosis. Contrasting textures are represented through pleated tafetas and in Sandra´s beloved hand-woven jacquards, now including subtle metallic tones. Our iconic Pseudobombax Collection print is designed after the season's motive: the playful, explosive, deep pink pseudobombax dancing flower. 

The runway show is accessorized with shoes from Birkenstock and Nora Lozza, styled by Chino Castillo with live music by DJ Pony. 

Besides our commitment to carbon-neutrality throughout our development and production processes through the constant support of the Yakumama Forest Carbon Project, the Pseudobombax Collection is additioned with a denim upcycling program that will transform jean donations into a limited-edition bustier. We will be receiving jean donations at our Arquímedes 20 - 4 showroom in Polanco which will be rewarded with discounts to encourage participation. This campaign will run from May to July 2022 when we will be moving into our new flagship store in Polanco. 

Sandra´s Pseudobombax Collection aims to accompany perplexed souls through radical transitions, those seeking to spark from dormancy into flourishment and witness the fluorescence of light, a supernatural phenomena.

Styling: Chino Castillo. 
Shoes: Birkenstock and Nora Lozza .
Accessories: By Serpentine & Paula Mendoza 
Music:  Pony.


Please visit our website for terms and conditions on the Denim Donation Campaign and stay tuned for details on our new location.